Spot rare Dugong in Indonesia with SeaTrek in the Remote Ring of Fire East of Komodo

Expedition cruise operator, SeaTrek Sailing Adventures, is offering guests a rare opportunity to glimpse elusive dugong and spend time with this endangered mammal in its natural seagrass habitat during a 10-day trip to the Remote Ring Of Fire: East Of Komodo.

       Departing on either 3rd-12th June or 13th-22nd June, the trip aboard the 12-berth traditional, UNESCO-heritage Indonesian wooden pinisi sailing ship, Ombak Putih, will sail between Komodo and the remote island of Alor at the far eastern tip of Indonesia's southern archipelago. 

      Alor's location at the intersection of seagrass beds, coral reefs, and an impressive mangrove ecosystem provides the perfect habitat for Dugong who primarily graze on a diet of healthy seagrass. It's also one of several stops on this island-hopping adventure which is ideal for those looking to get off the beaten path in search of exotic wildlife and cultural encounters in this vast volcanic island nation.

      With a maximum of only 24 guests aboard, the cruise will sail along the northern coast of Komodo and Flores, in the lee of the south-easterly trade winds all the way to Alor, stopping each day as it island hops through the remote volcanic islands of East Nusa Tenggara.

      Along the way guests can expect ranger-led walks through Komodo's dry, rugged landscape in search of dragons, snorkelling in gin clear water among thousands of colourful fish, sea turtles, and giant Manta rays as well as the chance to come face to face with endangered Dugong.


    Passing an area with several still active volcanos the cruise will arrive in Alor where they will meet Pak One, a remarkable local fisherman who has worked with WWF, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and the Marine Conservation Area to reduce coral abrasion and restore the underwater seagrass meadows and mangroves of Sikka Island and Mali Island.

      Through his work Pak One has been able to encourage a lone Dugong called ‘Mawar’ to make this underwater meadow his home. He will take the group on a small local boat to visit an area of sea grass where Mawar can often be spotted and might approach the boat for a rare brush with nature.

      Another highlight of visiting Alor is the opportunity to see prehistoric rock art and visit the island's capital, Kalabahi, where Moko, the island's traditional ceremonial bronze drums, can be heard in the Takpala market.

      More cultural experiences can be had while at anchor in Maumere Bay on Flores, where the group will go ashore for a scenic drive up into the Iwang Gete highlands to a traditional tribe known for their unique textiles, where they will demonstrate the ancient techniques they still use to spin, dye, and weave their intricate fabrics.

      Price per person: The 10-day Remote Ring Of Fire: East Of Komodo cruise costs from $5,850pp (£4,697 pp) including full board cruise, all airport transfers, and a $100 bar tab. Excludes domestic and international flights.

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